The new digital economy has created opportunities to build, grow and expand your business, your brand, and your vision like never before.


Creativity, Innovation, and Relationships now drive brand enthusiasm & consumer purchasing by creating Unique Brand Experiences.


We’re here to help you make the magic happen by creating authentic partnerships that naturally manifest abundance, expansion & well being for our business partners, our influencers and the consumer.  Experiences… that could never be duplicated. Relationships… that reach far beyond the sale. Long lasting symbiotic success… for everyone involved.


That’s what we’re all about.


Let’s create something unforgettable together.


President & Founder

Vigilante & Visionary

Educational Background: Psychology
Career Background: Marketing
Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Anything
Super Powers: Strategic Mastermind, Sales Engineer
Favorite Quote: “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” Marianne Williamson
Who you’ll catch her vibing to: Masego, Snoh Aalegra, NoMBe, Whilk & Misky, Jacob Banks
In a past life she was: Either a Philosopher, a Mystic or a Mob Wife. We’re not sure which one yet.
Weird Personality Quirk: Acts super tough but jumps and screams like a 3 year old girl at the slightest unexpected sound.

Nick 2

Regional Director

Educational Background: Digital Media Communication and Business

Career Background: Sales/Marketing

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Panda Paws

Super Powers: Building Rapport with pretty much anyone- including animals.

Favorite Quote: “Allowing people’s opinion to dictate your behavior has to stop.” Gary Vaynerchuk

Who you’ll catch her vibing to: Everything except country and classical.

In a past life he was: Frodo Baggins from Lord of The Rings.

Weird Personality Quirk: I’m mainly an extrovert, but when I need introvert time I spend time with my best friend (puppy) in my car.


Vice President of Creative Services

Educational Background: Liberal Arts
Career Background: Music & Performing Arts, Entertainment, Social Media Marketing
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies ‘n Creme
Super Powers: Creative Genius, Lord of the Dance

Favorite Quote: I got mind control over Deebo. When he say shut up – I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.” Smokey
Who you’ll catch him vibing to: Michael Jackson, Sisqo, Tank, Jay-Z
In a past life he was: Definitely the preferred hymn writer for Harriet Tubman.
Weird personality quirk: Makes a song, rap or dance out of literally anything. Constantly. It never ends. (send help)


Marketing Consultant

Educational Background: Business

Career Background: Marketing

Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Super Powers: Relationship Building, Listening, and Organization

Favorite Quotes: Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.” Steven Anderson

Who you’ll catch her vibing to: KAZO, Cardi B, Nipsey Hussle

Weird Personality Quirk: Makes a list for everything and anything


Executive Assistant

Educational background: Marketing
Career Background: Sales
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Superpowers: Customer Service Wiz
Favorite Quote: “If you believe in yourself, you can make yourself whatever you want to be” – Lea Michele
Who you’ll catch her vibing to: From Drake to Adele to any Broadway show.
In a past life she was: Probably Audrey Hepburn.
Weird Personality Quirk: Loves being surrounded and talking to people but could easily lay in bed all day.


Campaign Coordinator

Educational Background: Interior Design
Career Background: Showroom Designer, Marketing
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Super Powers: Graphic Design Wizard, Super Scheduler
Favorite Quote: “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.”  Anonymous
Who you’ll catch her vibing to: Jacob Ogawa, Clario, Banes World, Dreamgirl
In a past life she was: Probably a princess. She has the best manners out of all of us.
Weird Personality Quirk: Likely the most talkative introvert on this planet.